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Welcome to Lysekil!

Here, you can read more about how things work in the areas the municipality is responsible for. The links take you to further Swedish language information. You can get help in your language when you want to talk to the municipality. Contact the department you’d like to talk to, and an interpreter will be contacted if needed.

About Lysekil Municipality

Lysekil Municipality is home to around 15,000 people. The municipality is responsible for childcare, schools and elderly care. The municipality is also responsible for the water supply and waste water, maintenance and cleaning of streets, waste disposal, emergency services and fire safety. At the municipality’s libraries, you can borrow books and find information. The municipality ensures that there is a variety of leisure activities, supports trade and industry, and works with environment and energy issues. It’s important that the people who live in Lysekil are happy with the services offered by the municipality. For us to enjoy living in the municipality, it’s also important that everyone takes responsibility, for keeping the municipality clean and for following the rules in public places, for instance.

Lysekil Municipality’s regulationsPDF

If You Need Help

SOS Alarm, phone number 112, will help you if there has been an accident, if there is a fire, if a crime has been committed, or if someone is acutely ill. You can also get help from the social emergency services if you are threatened or being subjected to violence by a relative, for instance. You can also call social emergency services on 0522 697444.

Children who need help can contact Save the Children. You can call them on 0200 778820. It’s free, and you don’t need to say your name.

The municipality’s Swedish language information about social emergency services

Save the Children’s information in various languageslänk till annan webbplats

Learning Swedish

Swedish for Immigrants, often abbreviated SFI, provides basic Swedish and Swedish society education. To attend SFI, you must live in Sweden and be at least 16 years of age; you can start in the second half of the year when you turn 16. You must also lack the basic knowledge of Swedish language that the education provides. There are also language cafes where you can learn more Swedish. More Swedish language information about language cafes in Lysekil Municipality.

The municipality’s Swedish language information about Swedish for Immigrants

The municipality’s Swedish language information about the library’s language cafe

Swedish language information about Arken’s language cafeslänk till annan webbplats

Support and Care

The municipality is responsible for all citizens getting the support they need for their situation. The need for support can be due to age, functional impairment, substance abuse or domestic violence. Support can consist of home help services, meeting points, conversational therapy or legal help.

The municipality’s Swedish language information about care and help


Children aged one to five can participate in preschool. They have the right to participate in preschool from the age of three. Children between the ages of six and fifteen must participate in nine-year-long compulsory school (years one to nine), as per Swedish law. Young people who have finished compulsory school can choose to participate in upper secondary school. After that, there are many education options, such as university, folk high school and adult education.

The municipality’s Swedish language information about education and childcare


Arbetsförmedlingen is a governmental authority that helps jobseekers to get in touch with potential employers, and its services are free. The municipality often advertises new vacancies through and collaborates with Arbetsförmedlingen.

Information from Arbetsförmedlingen in Swedish and other languageslänk till annan webbplats


There is a queue to get help from the municipality with finding a home in Lysekil. Municipal housing company Lysekilbostäder owns rental apartments, and you can register with them to look for a home. If buying an apartment or a house is an option for you, the chances of finding a home increase quickly. There are private estate agents in Lysekil who can help you with this.

Lysekilbostäder’s Swedish language informationlänk till annan webbplats

Culture and Leisure

At the library, you can borrow books, read newspapers in many languages, and request information. Lysekil Municipality also offers a variety of exercise, outdoor life and culture activities. There are also different kinds of events, such as concerts, competitions, races and a culture week.

The municipality’s Swedish language information about what you can experience and do in Lysekil Municipality

How a Municipality Works

Lysekil Municipality is governed by representatives elected by the people – municipal politicians – who, in general elections, have been given the responsibility of representing the interests of the municipality’s inhabitants. To simplify, you could say that the municipality has a political level, where those elected by the people make decisions concerning bigger issues. On an administrative level, civil servants work to implement the political decisions.

The municipality’s Swedish language information about how the municipality works